On A Mission 2017

Our Vision

Our vision is unifying people globally to eradicate the issues we face with pollution and poverty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase water source and enhance education through technology starting at Oxford Modern Primary School for orphan children in Uganda. There are many challenges that the school faces. Skytopian Umbrella Inc has join together in partnership with Oxford Modern Primary School to make schools and the local community more sustainable for orphan students, teachers, and parents.

Increase Water Source

Increase Water Source

The school lacks a permanent water source of a bole hole. There is a challenge of students walking long distances searching for water during the summer. Our goal is to establish a bole hole as the permanent water source on the school campus.

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Enhance Education Through Technology

Enhance Education Through Technology

This project is directed to closing the achievement gap by enhancing education through technology at Oxford Modern Primary School in Uganda. Our goal is to increase computer literacy by providing students with 10 -15 laptops to increase typing skills, browser basics, and websurfing.

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Build A Brighter Future

Build A Brighter Future

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  • 100% African Dashikis Coming Soon

    With the partnership with Oxford Modern Primary School in Uganda we at Skytopian Umbrella Inc. are bringing the highest quality Dashikis straight from Africa! This product will be used to increase water source and enhance education through technology for Orphan Students. Made from 100% African Cotton.

  • Volunteer Positions (Sign Up Today)

    Volunteer Positions Available: Social Media Marketing, Grant-Writer, Accountant, Crowdfunding Specialist, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, PR Specialist,

  • Presidential Volunteer Award recipients 2016-2017

    Javar Fulton, Marqus Brown, Greggory Cannon, Nicholas Allen, and Timothy Lewis. Congratulations!

  • Get Off The Block Investment Group - Invest Today!

    The GOTB investment group is an opportunity to invest into Services, Technology and the Health Care sectors stocks- Diversified industry. This motif will be used to fundraise for Skytopian Umbrella Inc. (non-profit organization). Our goal is to eradicate pollution and poverty around the world www.skylyfe.org *Every time someone purchases or rebalances from the group, the organization will receive $1.